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Glenview State Bank

Glenview State Bank

Want to see the impact of a local bank on your community? If you live in Glenview, Illinois, take a stroll through the incredible Park District, which offers community events and recreational opportunities. When you walk through the Farmer's Market, or participate in a local 5K, you'll be benefiting from the impact of longtime supporter and "Park Partner," Glenview State Bank.

From its humble beginnings as a one employee, one safe bank back in 1920, Glenview State Bank has grown to a modern, full service community financial institution. GSB offers all the latest customer service tools that you’d expect at a national chain, but with a warm sense of true community identity, one that just can’t be replicated. That feeling—of connection and history—it speaks to three generations of proud Illinois bankers that have made GSB the excellent community banking institution that it is today.

The GSB Difference

Says David Kreiman, Executive Vice President and Director of Marketing, GSB stands out to both personal and business customers because it is both truly independent, and deeply rooted in the community: “We are a true community bank—which is rare—in that we are independently owned.  Three generations have led the bank through good economic times and bad economic times.  Throughout, GSB has been here to support the members of the communities we serve by providing experience and expertise in all areas of financial services.”

Kreiman, who has been with the bank for 26 years, is just one of many loyal GSB team members who have made a career out of meeting the needs of the Glenview community. He notes that some GSB staff have been with the bank for 40, or even 50 years, and that employees here also take great pride in the connection to the Glenview community. An employee program offers GSB team members that chance to give back to organizations and communities selected by the team, and these charitable donations are just a small part of the work that GSB does to support the businesses, people, and community organizations that make up Glenview.

Community Impact, Community Pride

GSB’s customers know the value that this local bank offers customers. From going the extra mile for small personal banking transactions to providing decades of financial experience to small businesses looking to expand, it’s clear that GSB is a trusted pillar of financial support for the Glenview community.

Says Kreiman, “we feel it’s important to remember how important banking can be to the communities it serves.” This sentiment can be felt in many different ways, from small perks like free coin counting, to a well staffed phone system that offers customers 66 hours a week of responsive customer service, to community events where GSB’s impact shines through.

With a solid track record of community support and a loyal, experienced team, Glenview State Bank is the kind of local community financial organization where you can trust that your dollars are helping to grow your own financial future, and that of your community's, too.

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