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Online Banking

Online Banking

Online Banking

Your Account at your fingertips.

While going to visit your favorite relationship manager or banker at your local Financial Institution is a great way of managing your account, many local banks and credit unions offer online and mobile banking services to keep your finances at your fingertips.

Online Banking Basics

Online banking is a convenient way to bank. Make deposits, transfers, and credit card payments on a desktop computer or even your mobile phone or tablet. Major private banks as well as smaller financial institutions offer online banking as an additional service to its customers and account holders.

Online Banking Features

  • Free credit score
  • Manage investments
  • Check current account balances
  • Order checks
  • Set up account alerts
  • Get account statements and see check images
  • Update account profile (address, account nickname, etc.)

Enrolling into an Online Banking Account

There are two ways to enroll in online banking:

  • Through the institution's website
  • Through the Bank or Cedit Union's mobile app, if one is offered through the institution

Requirements for Online Banking

The requirements are simple. You must have an active account with the institution and have a valid email address. The User ID and Password will be created by the account holder at the time of enrollment. All alerts, notifications, and identity verifications will be sent to the active email that is associated with the account holder.

Benefits of Online Banking

Undoubtedly, computers changed our world, particularly how we handle our finances and manage our money. For consumers, the game-changer was having control over your account in real time. You can transfer funds, pay bills, view statements, and contact your FI professionals.

Online Banking

While the bank’s doors may close in the afternoon., your online account is always open and accessible from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Go ahead, skip the long bank lines; get notified before you incur overdraft fees and negative balances; avoid extra bank fees; catch fraudulent transactions faster; know how much you spend and where—anytime. 

Online Banking Security Features 

Protecting an account holder’s identity is an institution's highest priority. As a result, several security measures are used to keep your account information and identity secure: every secure online account requires a user ID and password to access. Some also utilize fingerprint entry if your mobile device supports it or a third form of identification, like a portable code-generating device. Institution account sites and mobile apps are encrypted. 

Unfortunately, fraud can happen even with these precautions in place. That’s why your online banking services can help you track fraudulent withdrawals or attempts on your account quickly and easily. 

Online Banking Tips

  • Never access your online bank account or mobile banking app on an unsecure internet connection. This leaves your accounts vulnerable to theft and fraud. 
  • Not every service a community bank or credit union provides can be done online or on a mobile app. More complex services like getting documents notarized or acquiring a cashier’s check must be done at the bank. 

Still, online banking is one way to make your account management accessible and easy for all.

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